In Awe

Did you watch any of the footage of the Chilean miners being rescued yesterday? I found myself captivated as one by one the mine slowly emptied and the miners were healthily and wholly reunited with family and loved ones. After 69 days of living in darkness underground, this is incredible to me. And then the rumblings began of how God was at work in the midst of this crazy, traumatic ordeal. One radio stations shared a story of how 2 or 3 of the miners found eternal life through Jesus Christ while entombed in the ground. And then I found this story today….. once again amazed at the many ways God uses to get His gospel to the nations, and even of the way He is using Campus Crusade for Christ in that process! It is a privilege to be a part of this group of Christ-followers whose one passion is to see everyone know someone who truly follows Jesus! I encourage you to read the story of the t-shirts most of the men were wearing as they came to the surface!!

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