Hard Questions

Fall Break has begun down at Butler University, so we were a little uncertain how many people would show up tonight for our bible study. It was encouraging to see the room full of athletes committed to coming no matter what. This week we did a short review of chapters 1-5 and then had a Q & A session for the students to ask anything they wanted to about the book (or anything else) so far. It was awesome!! I LOVED hearing their questions, seeing them dig into the Word, looking for truth.

Here are a few of the questions we discussed:

– Since God is omnipotent, and He knew His creations would mess up and sin, why did He choose to make us in the first place?

– If God cannot be tempted by sin, then how could Jesus be tempted?

– Since God created us with the choice to obey or disobey, is He able to sin?

– Why does Gen 1:26 say “Our” instead of “My”?

– What does it mean that we inherited our sin nature from Adam?

– If Satan knew who Jesus really was, why did he bother tempting Him, if he knew He wouldn’t sin?

And more! My soul was refreshed talking through these questions, listening to the students and other staff make points and jump to different passages of scripture to back them up and seek for the answer most in line with what God says. They are great!


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