Laundry? or Poker?

Once a month I have to go on a quarter hunt. The apartment complex where I live has a central laundry facility that requires quarters to use both washer and dryer. I’m waiting for the day when they figure out how to upgrade the system to using your debit/credit/laundry card, but I’m not holding my breath that it is coming any time soon. So, each month I search my apartment high and low for quarters. After finding the three or four wedged in purses, the couch, my coin jar, etc, I give up and head for the bank. Go through the drive-up ATM (because banks no longer have ATM’s inside…what?), get out $20. Park. Go inside. And then have a conversation that usually plays out like this:

Teller: Hello, how may I help you today?

Me: Hi! May I please have 2 rolls of quarters?

Teller: Sure….laundry or poker money? (Said with a smile in her voice, like she gets this multiple times a day)

Me: Oh, laundry…you know, got to do it once you start running low on clean clothes!

Teller: Yep, and just think…you can use the extra quarters to play some poker…

Me: Haha. Or save them for next month’s loads of laundry!

I find it humorous that they always know exactly why I need quarters. By the end of my time living here, I’m guessing I will know all of the tellers by name, and won’t even have to ask. They’ll just see my driving through the ATM, and then have my quarters waiting for me when I park and go in. That’ll be the day!

Ok…off to use more of my precious quarters to put my newly cleaned clothes in the dryer. 😉

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