Tis’ the season for conferences to begin!

I’m heading downtown tomorrow for a 2-day planning conference for IndyCC, our largest annual event coming up at the end of December. The first day is the design team, and then on Saturday a myriad of staff and students from across the region will descend for the day to ‘catch the vision’ for the conference and also help plan the new year’s eve party, easily the coolest party ever. They will then go back to their campuses armed with knowledge, vision, postcards and stickers, and excitement to invite everyone they know to join us this year for Unmistakable (the theme of the conference this year)!! I’ll post some pictures of all the action soon.

Thanks for praying for clarity of thought, a wealth of ideas and creativity, safe travel, alertness and good attitudes, and for this to be a fun weekend for all those involved!


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