Remembering and Celebrating

30 years ago my dad joined the Marine Corps. He has served our nation and its people faithfully, giving his time, energy and talents in making a better Corps and protecting our freedom. Yesterday we celebrated those 30 years with family and so many dear friends as dad said goodbye to the active duty Marine life to begin his transition into life in the civilian world. Even though this phase is ending, he will forever be a Marine. I am so proud of him, and thankful that the Lord gave me a dad who embodies the Marine Corps values of Honor, Courage, and commitment and modeled them well for our family. The people who came gave testament to the widespread impact he has had on lives of Marines and their families around the world. It was such a joy to celebrate together, and to bring this chapter to a close surrounded by the people he loves so much!

Receiving his farewell shadow box - an overview of his career and awards
Receiving his Retirement Orders (Yes, they order you to retire in the Marine Corps)

Nine years ago today our nation was attacked, launching us into war against those who desire to take away our freedom. I am reminded of the thousands of men and women who, like my dad, have given their lives and service to protect us, and I am thankful. Thankful to those who have served faithfully, some to the extent of giving their lives literally. These are our heroes.  Let us remember, yes, the lives that were lost nine years ago. But let us also celebrate the lives of those who are giving their service to our nation, and say thanks.


One thought on “Remembering and Celebrating

  1. Emily, I can’t believe your dad is of “retireable age” already…it seems like just yesterday you guys were in Beaufort, then moving on and recently, “The Party”.

    I love your dad (and his bride), the man he represented as a serviceman of honor and integrity and now a man who will continue to impact the people he knows.

    You are blessed to have the family you have…might just be one reason
    I love you so!

    ms marlit

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